Implications of Dry Mouth for Denture Wearers

Denture retention is thought to be a problem for about 35% of denture wearers and as such there are estimated to be about 4 million individuals in the UK who regularly use an adhesive to keep their dentures in place. Though many users refer to these products as denture glues they do not actually have any adherence properties and simple work by thickening saliva to create a suction effect. These creams and gels generally work quite well on upper dentures that have the entire roof of the mouth to ‘suck to’, however they are far less effective when it comes to lower denture retention both due to the considerably reduced surface area and the mechanical effect of the tongue dislodging the denture.

As mentioned conventional ‘adhesives’ require saliva to be present and are therefore wholly ineffectual for denture wearers who suffer from a dry mouth condition. These individuals need a product that actually adheres to both gum and denture without the need to saliva. Secure Bonding Cream does exactly that and because it does not require suction it is clinically proven to be the most effective upper and lower denture solution for both regular denture wearers and those who suffer from dry mouth.

An important characteristic of Secure Bonding Cream is that is it non-water soluble, which is particularly significant for those suffering from a dry mouth who are encouraged to drink plenty of water. While conventional adhesives are simply washed away (ending up in the stomach) Secure remains fixed to the denture.