What is the best denture adhesive?

It is estimated that roughly half of all denture wearers will use an adhesive to keep their dentures in place and improve comfort. For some, this is just for the first few months while their gums settle down and their mouth gets used to the prosthesis, for others an adhesive will be required for the life of their denture.

In terms of retention and stability, lower dentures are the most problematic due to the much smaller surface area with which to adhere and the disruptive action of the tongue. With an estimated 12 million denture wearers who use an adhesive in the UK alone, it is thought that 35% of these will have problems, even once their dentures have settled down. This is because most denture adhesives work by thickening the saliva to create suction between gum and denture.

A fundamental problem with most denture adhesives is that they are water-soluble and are diluted and swallowed when users eat or drink, as well as by natural saliva production. There is one range of adhesives that we have found that is not water soluble and appears to provide considerably better retention than other leading brands. In trials conducted by University of Michigan, Secure® Denture Adhesive scored 80% user satisfaction on both upper and lower dentures, with 72% of participants considering it to be superior to Fixodent, Super Poligrip, Effergrip and Orafix. Many adhesives on the market also actually require saliva to be present in order for the product to have a 'suction' effect between the gums and the dentures. For people who suffer from a dry mouth condition, these products can be ineffective. Secure® Denture Adhesive adheres to the gum and the denture without the need for saliva and as such does not require a suction effect to hold the dentures in place.

Secure® Denture Adhesives come in two different forms; a Bonding Cream and Adhesive Strips (suitable for lower dentures only) so there is a choice between adhesives should you not be able to manage with one product. They are also completely tasteless and unlike other adhesives are entirely zinc free. It has been proven that excessive amounts of zinc from overuse can cause serious neurological damage and hypocupremia, a condition in which low levels of copper are found in the body which can lead to other serious complaints. Some denture wearers have
been known to overuse adhesives by applying them several times a day in order to keep their dentures in place. Secure® Denture Adhesive has a unique formula which means that because it is not water soluble it is not washed away and does not end up in the stomach. And you only need to apply it once so it is far more economical. For denture wearers who require a long lasting bond, a choice of different types of products which are completely safe to use, and want to feel confident whilst wearing their dentures, Secure® Denture Adhesives really does tick all the boxes.