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Denture Care

There are 3 distinct areas that any denture wearers should consider:

Retention - loose dentures cause discomfort, soreness, impact speech and by allowing food particles to become trapped between the prosthesis and the gum, contribute to bad breath. The solution is to use denture adhesive strips or a denture bounding cream. SECURE denture adhesive products are non-water soluble and as such a single application is able to provide full day hold. The range is also zinc-free, elevating any concerns regarding Zinc Poisoning.

Cleaning Dentures - dentures needs to be cleaned daily in order to remove plaque and food debris. Start by rinsing the denture under running water, using a denture brush to remove all visible particles. The denture should then be soaked for at least ten minutes in an anti-bacterial solution such as Secure Denture Cleaner. In addition it is also recommended to use a concentrated weekly cleaner to maintain your denture in the best possible condition.

Maintaining Healthy Gums - it is also important to take care of the gums as follows

Step 1 - Use a soft toothbrush to remove any debris and massage the gums to improve blood circulation

Step 2 - Rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash

Step 3 – do not wear dentures overnight to allow the gums to rest

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