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Curaprox Post Surgical Special Care Toothbrush

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This extremely soft toothbrush is designed to provide special care following operations, for people with inflammation to the gums and during radiotherapy of the oral cavity.

The soft brushhead has more than 12,000 ultrafine filaments which are a mere 0.06 mm in diameter, resulting in a gentle yet effective approach to oral hygiene when extra care is needed.

indications: For cleaning around teeth and along the gumline.

Instructions: Tilt the brush at a 45 degree angle against the gumline and sweep or role the brush away from the gumline.
Gently brush the outside, inside and chewing surface of each tooth using short back-and forth strokes.
Gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria and freshen breath.

Usage: Twice Daily or as directed by your Dental Professional.