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Curaprox Sensitive Soft Toothbrush - Retail BLISTER

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Sale Price: £4.36 RRP: £4.49
  • Ultra-soft Curen® bristles: 3960 incredibly thin bristles (0.12mm) gently remove plaque and massage gums, promoting gum health without causing abrasions.
  • Compact brush head: Easily reaches all areas of the mouth, ensuring a thorough clean even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Angled neck: Allows for personalized cleaning at the optimal angle for effective plaque removal.
  • Octagonal handle: Provides a comfortable and secure grip for optimal control while brushing.

Brand Curaprox

The Curaprox Sensitive Soft Toothbrush offers a multitude of benefits. It removes plaque effectively, leaving your teeth cleaner and your breath fresher. By gently removing plaque and massaging your gums, it soothes and protects sensitive tissues, helping to prevent gum inflammation and bleeding. Ultimately, this toothbrush delivers a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience that leaves your mouth feeling healthy and refreshed.

Curaprox Sensitive Soft Toothbrush is the perfect choice for anyone who:

  • Has sensitive gums or teeth.
  • Experiences gum inflammation or bleeding.
  • Prefers an ultra-soft and gentle cleaning experience.


  • Remember, for optimal oral care, use the Curaprox Sensitive Soft Toothbrush in conjunction with a gentle toothpaste and floss as recommended by your dentist.