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Fixodent PARTIALS 40g

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  • 3X better protection against food infiltration under your partial vs. no adhesive
  • Its ultra-thin nozzle enables you to create a firm, sealed barrier between your partials and gums
  • Provides a strong hold and keeps your partial securely in place
  • The flavour-free formula does not affect the taste of food
  • Can be removed easily

Fixodent PARTIALS helps you gain confidence with secure partials and great oral hygiene. It is the perfect friend in your everyday life when it comes to a strong hold and a clean mouth.

A unique, super-thin nozzle enables you to create a barrier to prevent food particles from getting beneath your partial, thus protecting your gums from irritation and soreness.


How to use

  1. Clean & Dry Dentures
  2. Apply Adhesives in thin stripes as shown
  3. Insert Dentures and hold briefly in place