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Gengigel - Clinically proven to soothe, heal and protect, sore, inflamed bleeding gums.Gengigel - Clinically proven to soothe, heal and protect, sore, inflamed bleeding gums.

The Gengigel range is a unique, patented and naturally active products, suitable for most common oral conditions associated with soreness and inflammation. Gengigel products are also great for alleviating the discomfort of dry and burning mouth.

Bleeding and Inflamed Gums


Bleeding, inflamed gums are very common, but shouldn’t be ignored! These are the first, treatable signs of gum disease, otherwise known as Gingivitis, meaning inflammation of the gums. If your gums bleed easily, when eating, brushing or cleaning in between your teeth, they look puffy, red and shiny, you need to act.


Why do my gums bleed?

Plaque is the sticky substance containing bacteria that is continuously forming on our teeth. To keep our gums and teeth healthy we need to remove the plaque regularly and effectively. If we don’t, the plaque builds up, causing our bodies to react to this unwelcome attack from bacteria, white blood cells are sent to respond, resulting in an increase in blood flow at the gum line and hence why the gums appear red, swollen and bleed.

How to prevent and manage bleeding gum?

Inflamed gumsInflamed gums


  1. Brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride.

  2. Cleaning in between the teeth, daily, with either interdental brushes or floss, to remove all food debris.

  3. Use an alcohol-free mouth rinse twice a day, at different times from brushing.

  4. Adopt and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet to get the maximum vitamins and nutrients. Where possible avoiding sugary drinks and snack.

  5. Adjust your lifestyle to reduce stress, alcohol consumption and quit smoking.

  6. If your gums continue to bleed regularly make an appointment to see your Dentist or Hygienist.

Gengigel mouthrinse in useGengigel mouthrinse in use

Gengigel Mouthrinse for the relief, management and prevention of inflammation and bleeding gums. Used regularly Gengigel can protect from reoccurring conditions and help to maintain a healthy mouth long-term.

What are Mouth Ulcers?


Mouth ulcers (sometimes known as canker sores) are normally small, round or oval painful sores that develop in your mouth, on the inside of your cheeks, on your tongue, roof of the mouth or at the base of your gums. Although they're uncomfortable, they’re usually harmless and most clear up by themselves within a week or two.

What Causes Mouth Ulcers?


There are no definitive reasons why some people get mouth ulcers, however, certain factors can trigger them including:

• Minor mouth injuries from dental work, brushing too hard, or accidentally biting the inside of your cheek.

• Food sensitivities to acidic foods

• Lack of essential vitamins, especially B-12, zinc, folate, and iron

• Rubbing from dental braces or dentures

• Hormonal changes

• Emotional stress

• Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections

Mouth Ulcers Treatment

Gel in useGel in use

There are many ulcer treatments available that contain a mix of mild anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic ingredients which will temporarily soothe the pain.

However, Gengigel Gel works differently, it contains a high concentration of hyaluronic a naturally occurring substance in healthy gum tissue that speeds up the wound healing and tissue repair process by reducing inflammation and soothing pain. Also, the unique, mucoadhesive formulation forms a protective barrier over the ulcer site, to help prevent infection.

If the ulcer doesn't heal within three weeks you should visit your dentist.

If you suffer from frequent ulcers you should visit your dental team to check that there is not an underlying medical cause.

Dental Treatment and Tooth Extractions


The pain and discomfort experienced after dental treatment (Implants, Root Canal Treatment extractions such as Wisdom Teeth) can vary dependent on the type and intensity of treatment. 

Dental Pain, Inflammation and Healing


The pain is caused by the bodies natural reaction to trauma, the gums become inflamed, swollen and painful. This is the blood cells doing their work; fighting infection, clotting and starting to heal and repair the damaged cell tissue. The gums play a hugely important role in our body, they not only support the teeth but also protect and buffer the whole body from disease and infection. When our gums are inflamed and bleed bacteria can easily enter the bloodstream. So, it is important to be extra vigilant with oral health to prevent infection and aid healing.

What is a Dry Socket?

A dry socket can occur if a blood clot doesn’t develop in a tooth socket after surgery or if the clot becomes dislodged. A dry socket is extremely painful and is signified by a dull, aching sensation in the gum or jaw, sometimes accompanied by a bad taste or smell from the wound.


How to care for your mouth after surgery and extractions

• Avoid antiseptic mouthwashes, hot food and drinks and exercise for the first 24 hours.

• After 24 hours, gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water 3-4 times per day, always after meals. Be extra careful not to dislodge any blood clot in the tooth socket.

• Avoid smoking as this can delay and impair healing.

• Take regular painkillers if needed.

• If pain or swelling increases or you get a raised temperature, contact your dentist.

Gengigiel First AidGengigiel First Aid

Gengigiel First Aid contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and is safe and effective to use immediately after dental treatment, it is clinically proven to relieve pain and speed up gum and wound healing of dry sockets, after tooth extractions, surgery, implants and root canal treatment. The unique patented mucoadhesive formulation allows the hyaluronic acid to remain in place for extended periods, enabling healing, whilst also protecting the wound from bacteria and infection.

Gengigiel SprayGengigiel Spray

Gengigiel Spray is an alternative that can be used to target certain ‘hard to reach areas such as the back of the mouth or for extremely painful areas, such as an individual dry socket. Its long, angled pump makes it easy to spray directly on the inflamed area of the gum.

Gengigel GelGengigel Gel
Gengigel MouthwashesGengigel Mouthwashes
Gengigel SprayGengigel Spray
Gengigel First AidGengigel First Aid