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Interprox Maxi 6's Straight (Purple)

Sale Price: £3.47 RRP: £4.34
  • Exceptionally High Quality, Easy Reach, Interdental Brush
Interprox® Maxi Purple removes bacterial plaque build-up predominantly in the premolar and molar areas in your teeth.

It effectively cleans interproximal spaces and helps to protect teeth from caries and periodontal disease.

indications: For effective removal of plaque and food debris from between the teeth, braces and bridges.

Instructions: Step 1:
Use the most appropriate size interdental brush for each space. The brush should slide easily between the teeth without being forced, ensuring the the bristles and not the wire are in contact with the teeth.

Step 2:
Move the brush in and out without twisting.

Step 3:
Once finished replace hygiene cap ans store.