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Gengigel promotes gum healing

The Gengigel range is a unique, patented and naturally active products, suitable for most common oral conditions associated with soreness and inflammation. Gengigel stops any minor bleeding, soothes soreness and the sharp pain of ulcers, and promotes healing. Gengigel products are also great for alleviating the discomfort of dry and burning mouth.

Why Use Gengigel

• Reduces Inflammation
• Ulcers
• Receding Gums
• Bleeding Gums
• Rubbing caused by Braces
• Tooth Pain

Benefits of Gengigel

• Sugary foods .e.g. ice cream
• Starchy foods .e.g. white bread
• Acidic foods .e.g. citrus fruits
• Fruit drinks and juices
• Fizzy drinks
• Excess vitamin C found in citrus fruits
• Teeth grinding
• Xerostomia linked with diabetes
• Medications e.g. antihistamines and aspirin
• Bulimia

Clinician Review

"Gengigel is the first completely natural topically applied oral product to help control the host response to manage all sorts of intra-oral inflammatory and painful conditions, as well as patients with periodontal disease that demonstrate poor healing after treatment."

Dr Peter Galgut, Practising Clinical
Periodontist, Dentist of the Year 2010 & 2013

Icon Have acidic food and drinks and fizzy drinks just at dinner time.

Icon Wait at least an hour after eating or drinking anything acidic before brushing your teeth.

Icon Chew sugar-free gum after eating.

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