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Sulca Refills 2's Interspace Brushes

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  • For the removal of plaque
  • Reduces gum infection
  • Proven better than dental floss
  • Specifically designed to access Interproximally
  • Helps stop the gums from bleeding
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Replacement Heads for the The Sulcabrush® it is a unituft brush specifically designed to be used by individuals as part of their overall oral hygiene program. The Sulcabrush® was proven better than dental floss in some parts and equal to dental floss in other parts of the teeth and gums, for the removal of plaque and the reduction of gingivitis (gum infection). The Sulcabrush® is specifically designed to access interproximally and along the gingival margin to remove plaque and help stop the gums from bleeding.

If the Sulcabrush® is used daily as directed, it should help stop the gums from bleeding. Any bleeding or tenderness which may occur initially may soon fade as the gum tissues become firm and healthy.