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VITIS Orthodontic Travel Kit - Access

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  • Effective Oral Care On The Go!
  • Contains: VITIS Toothpaste 15ml
  • VITIS Mouthwash 30ml
  • VITIS Access Toothbrush
  • Orthodontic Wax


VITIS is the widest and most specialised range of toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss and tape. An oral hygiene brand that offers specific and personalised care for everyone.


VITIS offers an extensive selection of products with features that make them ideal for deep cleaning of your mouth to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque).


VITIS, developed to adapt to all mouth types, offers a range of products that are indicated for people with gum problems (gingival inflammation, redness and bleeding). And it also offers two lines that are intended, on the one hand, for orthodontic patients and, on the other, for implant patients. Both include specific products that ensure proper hygiene in the areas that are most difficult to reach, where oral biofilm accumulates most easily.


Order Contains:

VITIS Toothpaste, is a very pleasant mild apple-mint flavoured toothpaste with a semi liquid texture to facilitate fast access in and around braces. Specifically formulated for orthodontic use.


VITIS Mouthwash, alcohol-free rinse helps to prevent bacterial plaque formation and protects against gingival infections. Specifically formulated for orthodontic patients.


VITIS Access Toothbrush, is a toothbrush with a smaller brush head that is designed specifically to remove oral biofilm from around orthodontic appliances and from areas that are difficult to access. Its soft and medium strength filaments are arranged in a V-shaped surface pattern, yielding a dual cleaning effect.


Orthodontic Wax, an Orthodontic Wax works as a protective layer to prevent irritation and rubbing from orthodontic appliances. In addition, it also relieves pain. The Orthodontic Wax is intended for application to orthodontic appliances that protrude from teeth (brackets, arch-wires or metallic bands) and that can therefore cause sores from rubbing against the tongue or internal cheek surfaces.