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  1. How To Clean Your Dentures

    How To Clean Your Dentures

    Cleaning your dentures efficiently is very important, as the resin that part of your dentures is made from contains tiny microscopic holes that can collect food debris and bacteria.

    This leads to plaque growth

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  2. What is the best denture adhesive?

    What is the best denture adhesive?

    It is estimated that roughly half of all denture wearers will use an adhesive to keep their dentures in place and improve comfort. For some, this is just for the first few months while their gums settle down and their

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  3. What is Zinc Poisoning?

    What is Zinc Poisoning?

    People who wear dentures and use denture adhesives need to be aware of a possible complication concerning the amounts of zinc in the preparations of these adhesives. Although zinc is an important trace mineral and an

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